Laser Proof
Laser Proof Calibration Sercvvices

Laser Proof Machine Tool Certification utilizes Laser Systems from OPTODYNE and our Double Ballbar from Renishaw. We will confirm and compensate the positioning ability of your Machine Tools, as needed.

Our expertise with Machine Tools and years of experience Laser Calibrating a wide variety of machines, has positioned us with OPTODYNE for Field Demonstrations and field training on Optodyne Lasers.

Need ISO Certification?  Let us Calibrate and Certify your equipment.

Working with end users, the need became apparent, to be able to confirm positioning accuracy of both manual and CNC machine tools. Utilizing a Linear Displacement Laser Calibration system, errors and changes in Machine Tool Leveling, Gib Adjustments, Wear, Lubrication and Machine hysteresis become identifiable. Different types of position feedback systems introduce the possibility for a variety of errors as the machine traverses.

Let us help you develop a plan to calibrate your machines  and keep them running under peak performance conditions.

 - Reduce Your Scrap
 - Improve Performance
 - Increase Your Shops Credibility
 - Reduce Your Down Time With
 - Proactive Machine Performance Evaluations

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Click To See An Actual Calibration Report

Click To See Before and After Calibration Charts

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