With over 100 years in the precision measurement industry, HEIDENHAIN is setting the future standards of position feedback accuracy today. Our primary industries are metalworking, machine tool, semiconductor & electronics, motor/drive, general automation, and medical. Anywhere highly dependable precision measurement and motion control is needed. Let's talk about your needs and how we can help you.

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Linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN for numerically controlled machine tools can be used nearly everywhere.  The beneficial behavior of the linear encoders is their high permissible traversing speed and acceleration in the direction of measurement. This makes them perfect for a multitude of applications.  - Click Here For a Brochure -

Rotary encoders for rotary motion, angular velocity and mechanical lead screw linear motion. Application areas include electrical motors, machine tools, printing machines, woodworking machines, textile machines, robots and handling devices, as well as various types of measuring, testing, and inspection devices.  - Click Here For a Brochure -

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Touch Probe Measurement has been available from Heidenhain for over 25 years. Used extensively on machine tools, for both workpiece and tool measurement, Heidenhain sets the highest standards for measurement.
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- Wear-free optical sensor
- First transmitter/receiver for use in the spindle.
- Integrated cleaning blower for cleaning the measuring point
- First battery-free touch probe without cable connection

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Heidenhain TNC640 Control - Request More Information

TNC Controls have been around for more than 35 years, in daily use on machining centers, turning, milling, drilling and boring machines. While the controls have undergone continuous development during this period, the basic operational technique has remained the same.

Program in Conversational language or use an off-line programmer. Thanks to its flexible operating concept and workshop-oriented programmability, the HEIDENHAIN TNC is especially well suited for all machining tasks..

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